Ultimate MoneyMaking Guide [Keys] 2800k/h | Commentary | By Bonbloc

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PART 1: SKILLS (2012)
PART 1: SKILLS (2010)
PART 4: Godwars –
PART 5: Keys – This guide!

Bonbloc presenting you his 5th moneymaking guide of his money making series.

This guide is about how to make money by opening chests with keys

Second chan:
RS Clanchat: Bonbloc


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Crystal keys:
No familiar – 2.4m profit/h
Terrorbird – 2.5m profit/h
Tortoise – 2.6m profit/h
pack yak – 2.7m profit/h

Sinister keys:
No familiar – 1.2m profit/h
Terrorbird – 1.6m profit/h
Tortoise – 1.9m profit/h
Pack Yak – 2.1m profit/h

If you want to Money by Collecting stuff (no stats required) try Collecting!

If you want to get xp while doing so try my MoneyMaking Skilling Guide


Fishing ~ 250k/h

Woodcutting ~140k/h

Fletching 300k/h

Thieving 300k/h

Farming 100-200k/h

Mining ~ 288k/h

Magic ~ 500k/h

Summoning ~950k/h

Runecrafting ~1200k/h

Hunter ~1500k/h

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The music within this video does NOT belong to me, neither am I trying to gain personal profit of it in any possible way. These songs belong to the they rightfull owners and that’s not me. If you ever wish to contact the owners, please visit their official websites. The only reason why I use these songs is to make entertainment videos for the game RuneScape. I do not intend to gain any profit of it. Thanks – Bonbloc

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