Money making – Cheap summoning 87mil in 20 minutes

– money making and cheap summoning levels, merchanting very easy great cash.

F.A.Q –

A. There was no question to this but i thought this would help a lot. First is be patient, even i have to wait over night now for pouches to buy at my price “but they DO buy” just give it a chance. second, never buy your pouches mid! always buy lower, closer to min. if its been a week with out them buying at your price then raise it up a bit, i find buying pouches 10 gp above min or more works great!!

Q. What are some lower lvl pouches i can use for profit?
A. This question i know you guys have been asking me for a long time constantly and i didn’t want to answer it as although i do know some lower lvl pouches, i do not keep track of there price raise and drops. but after some time now, i can confidently name some pouches that give a nice amount of profit for lower lvls –
1st i recommend is Pyre Lords: lvl 53 summon to swap.
i will name more shortly in this space, first i want to trial them. but pyre lords work well

Q. What song is this?
A. disturbed – down with the sickness.

Q. Can you use any type of pouch?
A. No not every pouch works and price changes occur. experiment by calculating the pouch cost to the cost of shards you get back being that shards are 25gp each.

Q. How do you gain summoning levels with this?
A. because this is the cheapest way to get shards, you are buying pouches in exchange for shards and you need shards to level summoning. this is how i gained all my summoning shards and i got 99 very cheap.

Q. Does this still work?
A. yes – you just need to experiment.

Q. Why do you need summoning to be three levels higher than the pouch and why do you need 32 summoning?
A. the ogre (bogrog) will tell you that you can only swap certain pouches at certain levels, some pouches you need 3 to 4 levels more but when you are higher summon say 90, you can swap level 89 pouches.

Q. How many shards do you get from a pouch.
A. You Will get around 70% back, so if you want to work this out just click the summon stat and it will tell you the shards required for that pouch.

Q. How do you sell shards?
A. The Grand Exchange now allows you to sell and buy shards, they do sell slowly but they sell and at 25 gp only. also for speed of sale or merchants – forums, players world 2 and friends. alot of people sell these shards at around 20gp a shard plus the junk to make of the trade difference. i then use the junk to merch (if you haven’t junk merchant then this will be unknown territory to you)

Q. what pouches are best?
A. i find granite lobster is best you need 78 summon for that, but maybe you can find something better and more your level.

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