Mobile App Industry Trends and Secrets – Educational Documentary (Fox Business News) Lost Footage

Discussion about trends and secrets in the fast growing mobile app industry. A short documentary sponsored by Copper Mobile, an enterprise mobile application development company headquartered in Dallas, TX.

This documentary or some similar version with edits would be featured on FOX Business News channel in July.

Summary of the Video:

:Smart phone market increase in the recent years.
:Different type of applications that exist in the market.
:Usage of mobile apps in the consumers and in the enterprise sector.
:Examples of Enterprise applications for Fortune 100 companies
:Process of mobile application development from kick off meeting to the deployment of the application.
:Pricing of mobile application, how much does it cost to develop a mobile application?
:Challenge of how to build applications once that can be deployed to multiple platforms.
: Native Vs Mobile Web Vs Hybrid Vs MEAP and MCAP
: Billion applications downloaded on apple app stores
: Consolidation in the mobile application space
: New jobs and opportunities in the mobile field
: Copper Mobile growth in the mobile app industry