How To Make Money Investing In Gold

I want to show you how to make money by investing in gold

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Today I want to show you how to make money. More specifically, how to make money by investing in gold. Is it worth your time and money to consider? Or is it better to invest in the stock market? When it comes to investing for beginners (especially), investing in gold can be a smart decision.

But why do people love gold so much, where does it come from, and how would one invest in gold anyway? Do you buy physical gold on websites like eBay or digital gold through an app like Robinhood? Is there an ETF? These are all questions that we’re going to try to explore today, and the answer may surprise you.

As far back as ancient times, we used to barter and trade physical goods. But trading physical property was cumbersome and presented its own challenges. So instead, we experimented with things that could REPRESENT those goods, and we played around with all sorts of different commodities like precious stones, silver, copper, and other shiny metals until we settled on something that we all agreed was valuable and desirable. Something that was relatively evenly spread throughout the world, yet still rare enough that no one person or country had control of all of it, and that was gold.

But we realized the practicality of gold as money had its problems because it was hard to divide, it was heavy, it wasn’t easy to spot a fake, and our neighbors always wanted it for themselves.

Instead, someone rich came along and told us they would hold our gold, in exchange for certificates in the amount of gold we gave them. We entrusted these people to hold on to the gold for us out of convenience. And in return, we made that person, become the most powerful entities in the world – they became the central banks.

When it comes to actually investing in gold, there are many ways to do it like through a brokerage like Robinhood (or your favorite brokerage app) or physically owning gold.

As far as the performance of gold versus something like the S&P500 (the US Stock Market), gold tends to inversely correlated to what the stock market is doing. In other words, when the market is uncertain and there is a recession, gold tends to be the better performing asset class. When the stock market is doing well, gold tends to lag behind investing in the market.

It can generally be a good idea to invest in gold, especially if you want to use it as a store of value to preserve your wealth in times of economic uncertainty

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