Black Desert Online Money Making Guide 2020 – EARN BILLIONS – ft. Beginner and Returning Players

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~ Please check Notes in description : Added corrections and additional info ~
===Correction on Workshops in the “Note” section down below===
=== Note on Voodoo Dolls / PILAFE SCROLLS down below ===
Welcome to my Black Desert Online Money Making Guide! You too can make Billions with these methods. I’ve exclusively follow the methods mentioned in this video for the first 2 months of my BDO career and made over 15 billion. All it takes is consistency and patience 🙂 So keep at it guys, you can do it!

Feel free to ask any questions down in the comments below or reach out to me directly on my Discord.

P.S. My mic died so using a backup one. Anyone have a recommendation for a new one? Let me know! I last had a Blue Yeti but it stopped working properly a few weeks ago..

0:00 Start
0:44 Section 1: Scrolls for Profit
7:32 Section 2: Grind Spots (Ranger horseback grinding tip & Grind spots for cash)
12:38 Section 3: Life Skills
23:17 Section 4: Work Shops – Make your money work for you.
28:24 Section 5: Daily Routine Example
30:18 Outro and additional info

NOTE 1 :
Mistake in Section 4:
In the Workshop section I forgot to mention that for the Merchant Wagon you need to process each item separately. My bad, I should have went in depth for it. This section was a last minute addition! It was a long day 🙂 That’s why I only factored in 5 crafts of the wagon of it in the daily routine section.

It works like this. The below are the items required for the wagon and each item has to be processed by a worker in order to build the wagon itself. The time it takes to process each 1 item is dependent on the worker and it is same for each part. Only use workers based in Altinova. My lvl 30 professional goblin worker takes 6min 44 seconds to process each part, so I keep him on the highest quantity item and slower workers on the lower quantity item. You can keep a separate worker on each part so for the merchant wagon

Wagon Horse: 4 crafts to process
Acacia Plywood: 12 crafts to process
Brass Ingot: 12 crafts to process
Soft Hide: 15 crafts to process
Black Stone Powder: 25 crafts to process

NOTE 2: Voodoo Dolls

I did not include Voodoo dolls for the scrolls section because (at least on NA), they are less money per hour than Pilafe scrolls but are more difficult to do. As this guide was made keeping in mind beginners, I did not include it.
NOTE 3: Pilafe Scrolls

Yoooo I messed up the math. My estimated money per hour is CORRECT. The math of scroll to mem frag is wrong. I recorded these almost in one go.

So Pilafe Scrolls are ratio of 5 scrolls to 7 memory fragments.

My recent session of 72 scrolls.
NOTE 4: Forbidden Books
6/1/2020: I did 40 Summons (200 forbidden books) in 1hr 15min (was distracted on stream)
Calculation (0.85% tax)
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BDO Money Making Guide 2020
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Black Desert Online BDO Money Making Guide 2020 – EARN BILLIONS – ft. Beginner and Returning Players